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A theatre company thrives on its supporters and we are more than happy for the support we have been given so far. 

The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus (2014)

Our first show went with a traditional crowd-funding route. We were very happy to reach our funding goal via Indiegogo and our wonderful supporters. 

Hyuan Yu

Angela Edwards and Mark Acreman

Jon Dobbin

Barb O'Keefe

Robert Power

Todd Hennessey

Kevin and Anne Woolridge

Shirley Thomlyn

Perin Squires

Kevin James

Chuck Herriot and the St. John's Actor's Studio

The Temporary Theatre (2018)

Theatre Cube Initiative - In 2018, as a fundraiser for the construction of the Temporary Theatre, we sold Theatre Cubes. These were numbered and initialed, black Rubix Cubes. 20 cubes were sold. The cubes themselves represented the changing nature of the Temporary Theatre; a large black box with removable panels enabling various configurations.  








Want to help us out?  We're working on a brand new show to be presented in Feb of 2020. We'd be happy for any donations to help with the production. 

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