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Intimate. Inspiring. Transformative. Honest.


Outside, a simple black box. Inside, new worlds.

The Temporary Theatre is a  micro theatre structure designed to house audiences up to 13 for intimate theatrical performances. The structure itself measures 11x18x8 and has a rubix cube/shoebox theatre quality to it. It is made up of separate cloth panels that can be individually removed: providing exits and entrances, areas for light openings, extended playing/audience space, and whatever else theatre creators can imagine.

But why such a small space? Intimate performance spaces force actors to be honest. And it forces audiences to sit up. Like a cartoonist who uses their craft to fill a single comic panel with life, a small theatre space challenges directors,designers, and playwrights to give life to every corner. To be quiet and loud. 
To whisper and rage. To face the truth. It is our hope that this structure will encourage and inspire creators and audiences alike.


The Temporary Theatre launched in 2018 at The Annex, in association with AAMP. We are excited to see where it will pop up next. 

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